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Welcome to Automechanika in Moscow,Russia
Benma Group will attend the Automechanika Exbition in Moscow,Russis during 27th-30th,AUG,2018
Benma Group Overseas Exhibition in NOV.2017
Benma Group Overseas Exhibition in Iran and Brazil
Welcome to Auto Spare Parts Exbition in Chongqing
ExbitionTime27th.OCT.2017-29th.OCT.2017 LocationInternationalExbitionCerterofChongQing,ChinaBoothNumberN5T11ProductDisplayAutoLessMetalicBrakePad,CarbonFiberBrakePad,BusBrakePadWelcometoVisitBenma!展会时

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Huangshan Benma Group Co. Ltd.
     Huangshan benma group co., LTD. Is located in huangshan city in anhui province huizhou area east of the city industrial park, founded in 1999, has more than 500 employees, including engineering a


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