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Development path

Development path

>1983, Hangzhou Fuyang Clutch Factory was established.
>1995,The company officially produced for domestic first-line OEMs.
>The group company was formally established in 1999 and renamed Huangshan Benma Group.
>In 2005, Chongqing production base was formally established.
>In 2010, the company successfully developed new wet friction materials.
>In 2013, the company successfully developed new paper-based friction materials, breaking the foreign technology monopoly.
>In 2015, the company officially launched the HF brand high-end automotive brake pads, and the products have been rigorously tested and introduced to overseas markets.
>In 2016, the company developed a joint electric vehicle AAT project with a first-line electric vehicle brand. The project achieved major technological breakthroughs; the product possessed multiple patents.
>In 2017, the company's HF brand brake pads formed multiple series and officially launched to the domestic market. In the same year, the company invested in Huangshan No. 2 Production Base to officially start construction and expand the production capacity of automobile brake pads.

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