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Frankfurt (Mexico) International Auto Parts Exhibition was a complete success


Frankfurt (Mexico) International Auto Parts Exhibition was a complete success

2019/07/16 18:09

Warm congratulations to Huangshan Benma Group Co., Ltd. for participating in the 20th Central American (Mexico) International Auto Parts and After-sales Service Exhibition for a complete success!

奔马Huangshan Benma Group held the Frankfurt (Mexico) International Auto Show in Mexico from July 10, 2019 to July 12, 2019. The company mainly displayed SUV disc brake pads, car disc brake pads, ceramic brake pads, and paper bases. Friction materials, etc., attract the strong interest and extensive attention of the majority of exhibitors.
The location of the exhibition and the information of the exhibition hall are as follows:
Exhibition hall: Mexico Exhibition Center (Centro Banamex)
Address: Conscripto 311. Colonia Lomas de Sotelo. Delegación Miguel Hidalgo. 11200. México D.F.
Time: 10th.July, 2019-12th.July.2019


奔马Mexico is a large automobile manufacturing country in North America, close to the United States, and has a unique geographical advantage. Benma Company carried the brake pads on display for the first time. On-site customers praised the quality of Benma brake pads. The successful exhibition at this exhibition was Benma products. Entering the North American market kicked off.

奔马奔马This exhibition, while reaching cooperation agreements or intentions with many customers, also carried out friendly exchanges with peers through this exhibition, learned the latest market situation of the auto parts industry, opened up horizons, and will bring about the future development of Benma New opportunities.